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Aeries Parent Portal and Annual Data Confirmation

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Aeries parent portal and data confirmation

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Greetings Parents and Guardians from the Twin Rivers Unified School District,

We are so excited to welcome you back to the 2021-22 school year. Last year we were able to introduce our new online enrollment process for new families and this year we are excited to also introduce our new online parent data confirmation process for our continuing students.

With parent data confirmation instead of filling out 1st day enrollment packets of multiple documents you will do this electronically for EACH of your children attending school this year.  In efforts to make registration a more efficient process, each summer you will be asked to review and update your student's demographic and contact data online. You'll also read through the school policies and information. 
In this message you will learn more about:
  • Aeries Parent Portal
  • What is Data Confirmation
  • Why is Data Confirmation Important
  • How to Complete Data Confirmation 
  • Resources on Aeries Parent Portal
  • Help Lines for Assistance
It is crucial that we have updated student information in order to assure the safety and well being of your child while in our care. You will still be able to login to your parent account, however, all information such as attendance, test scores, and grades will not be available to you until confirmation is complete.

For more information: :  

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aeries parent portal

Aeries is Twin Rivers Unified School District's online student information system for teachers, administrators, students, and parents. Aeries allows users to view student information such as attendance records, grades, assignments, and completed college requirements.
Online:     Mobile App: iOS / Google Play

The AERIES Parent Portal allows parents and students to find up-to-date information about grades and attendance online. You need to have an account to use the Aeries Parent Portal.
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At the beginning of every school year, all returning families are required to complete Data Confirmation in the Aeries Portal. See more information below.

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What is data confirmation

Data Confirmation is an annual process that allows returning families to: 
  • view and update important information such as emergency contacts, 
  • review District and school policies, and 
  • approve important forms the District must have on file for every student, including technology use, media release, etc.
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This replaces the previous "paper packet" that families received at the start of each school year. Now parents log in to the Aeries Parent Portal to complete Data Confirmation.
Student schedules/classroom assignments will be available for families who have completed the Data Confirmation on the Aeries Parent Portal prior to the first day of school.

Things to note before you get started: 
  • Data Confirmation is only for EXISTING TRUSD STUDENTS. 
  • If  you registering you child for the first time with Twin Rivers USD or have left the district and wish to re-enroll, please click visit our Aeries Online Enrollment website at  
  • You must have an existing Aeries Parent Portal account.  Aeries student accounts do not have access to data confirmation. 
  • It is highly recommended to use a computer to update your child’s data.  

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why is data confirmation important?

It is imperative that we have all of the emergency and medical information updated annually for each student.  Also, all students will be eating free again this year so another vital component included is the income survey.  

It is important that the district collects this information for every student in order to continue with the additional programs that have been added over the last few years (i.e, grade level field trips, art, music, band and choir teachers, low kindergarten class sizes, Activity Directors, additional support of Counselors and Vice Principals, Behavior Intervention Coordinators, additional English Learner support, and more).  

Qualifying incomes provide the students of Twin Rivers over $75 million dollars in additional supplemental programs.

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how to complete data confirmation

Parents will be able to complete the data confirmation starting on Monday, July 16, 2021. After you log in to your Aeries Parent Portal account, you will be prompted to begin the Data Confirmation process. Please review and update your student's information and make sure to click Save and Continue to move through each section.

Please take an opportunity to review the following videos (in English and Spanish) that explains Data Confirmation within Aeries Parent Portal.

Aeries Parent Portal: Data Confirmation (English)
Aeries Parent Portal: Data Confirmation (Spanish):
During the school year: If you need to make changes to your student's information during the school year, sign in to your Aeries Parent Portal, go to Student Data and click Data Confirmation.

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Resources on aeries parent portal

Aeries Parent Portal Flyer:

How to Create An Aeries Parent Portal Account:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for Families:

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have questions?

Your school office is now open to assist you with your questions regarding the data confirmation process within Aeries Parent Portal. Click here to view the TRUSD Schools Directory:

Parents and guardians who have not received an email with account details can get help creating an account by contacting the school's front office where your student is currently attending this school year. 
For families that have an account and are experiencing issues logging in or using the tool, you can reach the TRUSD IT Help Desk by email or by calling them at (916) 566-7802, Monday - Friday, 7 a.m.- 5 p.m.