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School Procedures

Campus_Procedures Card IconCampus Procedures

  • Teachers pick up classes between 7:40 and 7:45 am.  Instruction begins at 7:45.
  • Remind students to use the restroom before class.  Trips to the bathroom from class should be only for emergencies.
  • Practice the freeze bell with students as needed.
  • Teachers must pick up students on time.
  • Primary teachers walk students to the bathroom.  All teachers remind students to use the bathroom and get a drink of water during recess, not after the bell rings.
  • Dismiss students to recess on time and pick up students after recess on time.
  • Go over restroom and hygiene rules with students regularly.
  • Students are to walk to their lines.
  • All teachers are to walk their entire class all the way into the cafeteria.
  • Teachers must bring their classes to the cafeteria on time: (M, T, Th, F)
  • K: arrive at 10:55; dismissed to yard at 11:20; lunch ends at 11:40
  • Grades 1/4: arrive at 11:25; dismissed to yard at 11:45; lunch ends at 12:10
  • Grades 2/5: arrive at 11:55; dismissed to yard at 12:10; lunch ends at 12:40
  • Grades 3/6: arrive at 12:25; dismissed to yard at 12:45; lunch ends at 1:10
  • Wed schedule: K - 10:10-10:55; 1/4 - 10:35-11:20; 2/5 - 11:05-11:50 3/6 - 11:35-12:20
  • Teachers should dismiss students no earlier than 2:27 pm.  Early Out Wednesday: Dismissal at 12:27.; 
  • Teachers will be at their assigned areas to monitor dismissal.

School_and_Playground_Rules Card IconSchool and Playground Rules

  1. No fighting or play fighting at any time under any circumstances.
  2. If someone hits you, DO NOT HIT BACK.  Tell a yard supervisor or teacher.
  3. No inappropriate touching.
  4. No cursing/profanity.
  5. No teasing, taunting, name-calling, threatening, harassing, or other bully-type behavior.
  6. No rough play (tackling, wrestling, etc.)
  7. Students should play only in supervised areas.  Students are not allowed to play outside   classrooms  or between buildings.
  8. Walk at all times in hallways, around buildings, and on the sidewalk.
  9. Use playground equipment properly.
  10. No throwing of bark, dirt, rocks, sticks, or other harmful objects. 
  11. No jumping down from the monkey bars or slides.
  12. Slide down the slides only.  No climbing up the slides.
  13. Stay on the school grounds at all times.
  14. No climbing of fences, trees, or buildings.
  15. No playing or walking on benches, planter boxes, or rails.
  16. Personal toys and/or games are not allowed at school.  The items will be confiscated and can only be retrieved by a parent/guardian.
  17. Students must use the restroom and get drinks during recess, not after the bell rings.
  18. All students are to freeze when the bell rings, stay still and quiet until a yard supervisor blows a whistle, and then walk to their line.
  19. School staff reserves the right to change or add to these rules at any time.

Hallway_Rules Card IconHallway Rules

  1. Walk in all hallways and corridors.
  2. Students must have a pass or be accompanied by an adult to be in the hallways.
  3. Use inside voices -- no yelling or screaming.
  4. Do not touch any artwork or bulletin board displays.
  5. Students should walk in the middle of the hallway, away from doors.

Line_Rules Card IconLine Rules

  • When the bell rings, all students should freeze and wait silently for the yard supervisor to blow a whistle. 
  • Students then walk to their line.
  • While in line, keep your hands and feet to yourself.
  • Students should stand silently, facing forward.
  • Pay attention to teacher directions.
  • Once in line, do not leave your place.  "Cutting" is not allowed.
  • Walk with your class in line.  Horseplay and shortcuts under railings are not allowed.

Cafeteria_Rules Card IconCafeteria Rules

  1. Line up quietly -- speak in low voices at all times.
  2. Keep hands and feet to yourself.
  3. Do not touch classroom displays or cafeteria fixtures.
  4. Eat quietly at your assigned table.
  5. Do not share food.
  6. Do not throw food.
  7. Use proper table manners.
  8. Sit on your bottom with feet under the table.
  9. Clean up after yourself and make sure your eating area is neat.
  10. Do not leave your table without permission.
  11. Tables will be dismissed to the yard after 20 minutes only when their table is clean and all trash is picked up.
  12. Do not bring any food or drinks outside the cafeteria.
  13. Remember to say "please" and "thank you."

Restroom_Rules Card IconRestroom Rules

  1. Students should use the restroom before school, at recess, lunchtime, or after school only.
  2. Students can only use the restroom during class time if it is an emergency. Teachers make the final decision as to what is and isn’t an emergency.
  3. A student must have a pass to use the restroom during class time.
  4. Always wash your hands with soap after using the restroom.
  5. Do not run or play in the restroom.
  6. Talk in quiet voices in the restroom. No yelling or screaming.
  7. Remember to flush the toilet.
  8. Throw all paper towels and trash in garbage cans.
  9. Do not play with the water.
  10. Leave the restroom as soon as you are finished.