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School Site Council

Our School Site Council is a group of administrators, teachers, school staff, and parents/family members who are responsible for:

  • Developing, approving and monitoring our School Plan for Improvement
  • Allocating funds for School Improvement Program, ELA/English Language Learner, Title I, etc.
  • Reviewing the School Plan annually to establish budgets and make changes to reflect needs
  • Recommending approval of the plan by the District Governing Board
  • Monitoring and evaluating programs
  • Participating in Coordinated Compliance Review process
  • Developing system for ongoing communication with school and district groups

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Staff Members

Brad Allen (Principal)
Christina DiStefano (Teacher)
Carrie Berger (Teacher)
Vanessa Anderson (Counselor)
Kathy Payne (Administrative Clerk)

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Parents/Family Members

Berlyn Thompson
Marcia Agnew
Maria Sevilla
Estrella Valencia